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Retail Innovations Conference II is coming. The chamber festival of innovations will bring a great deal of inspiration to spectators who are interested in retail at the Radison Carlton hotel in Bratislava on April 12th. The program includes lectures on food chains, fashion and electro, concepts of financial institutions and services. The common denominator for all named is the human factor. It will be devoted to one separate deed.

The main part of the Retail Innovations Conference II program is a remodeling theme, but the entire third activity is dedicated to human resources in the retailer. The first part will feature the keynote speaker and the main star of the second year of the festival, the acclaimed Dutch designer Martijn Frank Dirks. They will present aspects of the successful remodeling of branches, where customers and employees like to go. However, in a third separate block, human resources will be discussed.

An article that is lacking in the long-term business is qualified and loyal employees. What motivates them to stay? Is it a salary, benefits or commission, or a team and a pleasant work environment? Will the increase in the fee also be made to a wider smile and a feeling of customer satisfaction? Can less well-qualified people also perform responsible functions? Will they want to learn? Or do they fall into the routine and they will be “just squirmed up to pay”? Will such people be replaced by robots or self-service treasuries? Learn how to access people to sign in and stay in your business. We will together seek to answer the question of how to get the salespersons and traders out of a simple “goods handler”.

An innovative retail event must also have innovative communication tools. To target the right retail community, we chose the Linked In Professionals Social Network. “The good content is spreading itself, the RIC 2018 festival has a good reputation for history, and in any case the Linked In capabilities can create a targeting community that is tuned to the same wave,” says David Zelinko, responsible communications specialist.

What is RIC?

RETAIL INNOVATIONS is an innovative communication platform, a HUB for professionals and companies in the sector of retail and services. The vision of the project is to continuously track and bring the trends and news in the field and connect people with common interests.
This year conference brings a festival of hot topics and trends in the retail environment


The organization of the Retail Innovations Conference is provided by MDI.SK, s.r.o. a company resiidence: Bieloruská 12, 821 06 Bratislava, office: Cukrová 14, 81108 Bratislava, IČO: 36766658, DIČ: SK2022392680. tel .: +421 918 998 587, e-mail: mdi@mdi.sk


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